Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Why is there a toothbrush in your piano?"..

Doesn't everybody find a toothbrush in their piano?  No?  I think what surprised me most about seeing the toothbrush lying innocently inside the piano is that I wasn't all that surprised.  A piano student, sitting on the couch, excitedly pointed it out to me, seeming thoroughly confused....  I was faintly curious, but dismissed it quickly because we've had other things in the piano.  Jelly beans, a swedish fish or two, pencils and the occasional cat are just to name a few.  I know that I am possibly opening myself up for some derision over my poor housekeeping skills, but I have long since given of any pretense of keeping any kind of order.
My friend Dorma gets nervous when she comes to visit.  I am basically amused as she scurries around straightening my couch, rug, and a couple of pillows before seating herself.  She is one of the dearest friends, and also a  confirmed neat freak.  When I have point forth some effort in cleaning up, she gives me great praise in the hopes I will continue, but it is all in vain.  My friend , SueAnn,  who has a wicked sense of humor hung a banana peel inside my chandelier to see how long it would be until I noticed it.  I have to admit it went a couple of weeks, and not because I was dusting.  I was reading the paper and happened to look above me where I saw the withered peel dangling from the light. She questioned me about it some days later, and shrieked with laughter while I was merely bemused.  Not angry, mind you....I know what I am.....I feel better when things are neat...but have come to accept the fact that I have adult ADD, and will never maintain the clean and tidy lifestyle of my friends.  My mind feels like it is continually switching channels, and I can start cleaning only to become very distracted.  I have decided that I should work on my other talents, when I find out what those could be....Until then, I am content to read books far into the evening, listen to my kids play piano and violin, and talk on the phone to friends.   Housecleaning takes a considerable amount of time that can be used for other pursuits.    Ohh...I digress! of the things I do are probably still wondering about the toothbrush...  Well, Bethany informed me that she was doing a little toothbrushing while performing a rousing rendition of chopsticks at the piano.  She needed both hands, obviously, and the toothbrush fell unnoticed  into the piano as she pounded away furiously.  A reasonable explanation for such an event.


  1. Ha! "Chopsticks, by Bethany Taylor. Oh, there has been an addition to the talent portion which we are about to see . . . she will also be brushing her teeth!"